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At Macias Landscaping Services LLC, we are known for the quality and excellence we offer to our clients and community.

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Years of Experience

We’ve seen everything there is to landscaping, whether it be dry and dead grass or vital and healthy greenery. Either way, any space that looks healthy now is because we worked on it. Don't be surprised if you see the conditions your landscape might be in because trust us when we say, we have the solutions you need.

You can finally release all of your worries and place your landscape in the hands of landscaping professionals. At Macias Landscaping Services LLC, we know exactly how to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations. Let us cut your grass and save you some cash!

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Lawn mowing

No matter the season that may come around, your landscape must be prepared and in its best shape at all times; that is why we offer our spring and fall clean-up services. Remove dead leaves and all the mess around them by...


Mowing your lawn is a basic landscaping necessity; it is just like cutting your hair. It must be done regularly. So give your lawn the services it needs with our lawn mowing services today. Enhance its appearance, remove...

Tree Pruning

Through the mulching services we have to offer you can experience several benefits such as conserving soil moisture, enhancing the nutrients of your soil, control of erosion loss, suppressing the weeds in crop plants, rem...


Reviews from happy client

Miguel is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! He and his crew have done an amazing job at getting our huge overgrown lawn cleaned up properly and that includes the tall bushes, the twigs, and the all the old leaves. It is astonishing how well and how quick they were able to get this done! It looks great and it was done at a GREAT AND AFFORDABLE price!! Miguel was great to work with as he was quick to respond to any questions and quotes. This is truly a business that deserves a 5/5!! I look forward to using them again!!

Miguel did an amazing job, taking care of all my new plants and flowers. I needed him to move some of my plants and replant. I also had several new Roses and other flower shrubs that needed to be planted.He came on time took care of everything we asked him to do, left my garden looking so clean and beautiful. I've asked him to come back to do some additional work in my backyard.

I saw Miguel Macias recommended in my local Nextdoor Neighbor site and I decided to hire him to remove all the leaves from our property. He and his crew did a fantastic job. He also trimmed some of my perennials. I would not hesitate to hire him again.